Stick Flags


U.S. Made Stick Flags

Cotton (No-Fray)

The most economical, poly-cotton, mounted U.S. flag.  These flags are constructed from a special no-fray material which required no hemming.  Ideal for promotions and giveaways.  Options available with gold spear, ball, or no tip.

Cotton (Hemmed)

These flags are the traditional choice for parades and large events.  Larger sizes are used to decorate veterans’ graves.  Printed on 100% soft poly-cotton sheeting and hemmed on all four sides.  Complete with gold spear.


SKU: FLG-STICK Category:
 U.S. Made Cotton (No-Fray) - Qty 1 to 143U.S. Made Cotton (No-Fray) - Qty 144+U.S. Made Cotton (Hemmed) - Qty 1 to 143U.S. Made Cotton (Hemmed) - Qty 144+
4" x 6" No Tip$0.34$0.32----
4" x 6" w/Spear Tip$0.34$0.32$0.64$0.60
4" x 6" w/Ball Tip$0.40$0.38----
8" x 12" No Tip$0.78$0.74----
8" x 12" w/Spear Tip$0.90$0.86$1.28$1.22
12" x 18" w/Spear Tip
15/16" x 30" Staff
12" x 18" w/Spear Tip
3/8" x 30" Staff
24" x 36" w/Spear----$9.86$9.38

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