American Flags


US Made American Flags With Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes.

100% Supreme Nylon

Specifically manufactured for outdoor use, these nylon flags offer supreme durability and longevity.  Time tested, they stand up to bright sunlight and intense ultraviolet radiation.  Each flag is constructed with two rows of stitching, and the sturdy fly hem is reinforced by four rows of double needle stitching with back-stitch reinforcements.  Densely embroidered stars, heavyweight canvas heading and two brass grommets or galvanized metal thimbles complete these beautiful flags.

Poly-Deep Dye

Constructed with Durable 2-ply, spun woven polyester fabric, these luxurious flags have been designed specifically for the needs of the most discriminating customer.  Polyester delivers brighter, fade resistant colors and an open weave that reduces wind resistance and improves fly ability, even under the most extreme wind conditions.  Larger flags are flown daily over commercial, industrial and institutional locations, especially in area where high winds are common.

18" x 26"$24.00--
2' x 3'$24.00$30.00
3' x 5'$23.50$36.00
4' x 6'$40.00$52.00
5' x 8'$60.00$80.00
6' x 10'$96.00$116.00
8' x 12'$194.00$230.00
10' x 15'$270.00$320.00
10' x 19'$312.00--
12' x 18'$376.00$484.00
15' x 25'$638.00$804.00
20' x 30'$840.00$1,170.00
20' x 38'$950.00$1,400.00
25' x 40'$1,562.00$1,926.00
30' x 50'$1,934.00$2,640.00
30' x 60'$2,200.00$3,054.00

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