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Halloween Safety Tips

HALLOWEEN SAFETY TIPS Have you chosen your Halloween costume yet? Make sure that your costume is bright/reflective so others can see you and also does not obstruct your vision so you can collect your treats. Make sure to check your costume is non-flammable! Tweet us @McGruffStuff with #safetyfirst #McGruffStuff so McGruff can see how safe […]

National Crime Prevention Month

National Crime Prevention Month September has come to an end. That means October is here…which also means that it’s National Crime Prevention month! We want everyone to learn all there is to learn about National Crime Prevention Month. TO GET INVOLVED Visit McGruff Stuff has educational products for parents and kids. [one_third class=”column-one-third” last=”no” […]

Red Ribbon Week 2014

Red Ribbon Week “It is an ideal way for people and communities to unite and take a visible stand against drugs. Show your personal commitment to a drug-free lifestyle through the symbol of the Red Ribbon.” “The Red Ribbon Campaign® is now the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation reaching millions of […]

Talking With Your Kids About Drugs

Talking With Your Kids About Drugs Did you know that your kids start thinking about drugs as early as Elementary School? School programs aren’t enough. Parents must become involved, but many parents aren’t sure how to talk with their children about drugs. One of the main reasons children choose not to use drugs is because […]


Bullying Make sure your kids are safe at school by following this safety tip: Listen to children. Encourage children to talk about school, social events, other kids in class, the walk or ride to and from school so you can identify any problems they may be having. Bullying is often dismissed as part of growing […]

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